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Monday, April 17, 2017

Lumen21 Achieves Microsoft Gold Partner Status in Cloud Platform, Application Development and Data Platform for its Managed Services Operations

ORANGE, CA. April 17, 2017   - Lumen21, an award-winning global technology firm that specializes in compliance and technology services and solutions, today announced it has been awarded Microsoft’s highest level certification, the Microsoft Gold Partner Status, for Cloud Computing, Application Development and Data Platform. This achievement demonstrates Lumen21’s commitment to its clients and partners that the company retains the highest possible levels of expertise, strategic thinking, and hands-on skills as validated by Microsoft and clients that the company serves, as such, it’s the highest level of certification granted to only a few.

Being certified Gold by Microsoft means that when it comes to working on Microsoft products, Lumen21 has the highest level of knowledge on how the Microsoft products operate, and how to get the best results from those products. As a Microsoft Managed Partner, it means that we work closely with Microsoft engineering and field operations to ensure clients receive the most out of the given Microsoft solutions and that the expertise involved in delivering the solutions has met the stringent knowledge requirements to achieve and maintain the level of certification.

“Not just any company gets to achieve Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Status. Such a certification demonstrates the skill set, competency, as well as the quantity of engineers that possess that competency within Lumen21, as validate by Microsoft, and the clients that attest to our results. Cloud technology, Application Development and Data Platform is at the heart of the key ingredients that an organization deals with in their computing operations. We seek to ensure that our clients can leverage the very best of their computing investment in these Microsoft technologies.” Said Raj Gupta, Chief Technology Officer, Lumen21.

“Companies rely on computing technology more every day, and the advancement of the technology affords businesses to achieve desired goals. This technology often comes with a ramp up period as well as best practices to get the most out of the given solution. Lumen21 understands that and has committed itself to stay ahead in the knowledge and capabilities that we bring to the market. This certification demonstrates our continued investment in our people expertise as well as the feedback that our clients provide of our ability to help them.” Said Eduardo Don Jr., President, Lumen21.

About Lumen21
Lumen21 is an award-winning global technology firm focused on providing the highest quality managed IT services to its clients. Lumen21's extensive experience, industry best practices, and focus on innovation mean its clients benefit from less complex, professionally managed technology infrastructures and applications. Organizations that require compliance with federal or industry regulations (e.g., HIPAA, NIST, PCI DSS, FFIEC, etc.), gain better visibility and control over their applications and data with the innovative cloud computing solution based on Azure from Lumen21 and its compatible with Office 365+. service offering. For more information, visit

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