Risk Assessment Program as a Service

Risk Assessment Program (RAP) as a Service

Gain insight into the health of your environment at its current state. This service will identify your current implementation against relevant compliance templates based on your regulatory requirements for HIPAA, PCI DSS, NIST cybersecurity, and others to determine gaps and provide a roadmap of remediation plan.

Key Benefits

  • Convenience of remote delivery means minimal impact on your environment and IT staff
  • Easily share results with your IT staff and others in your organization
  • Identify any gaps in its current implementation state based on given vertical industry compliance template
  • Reduce support costs by exposing configuration and operational issues before they affect your business
  • Eliminate audit issues with regulators and demonstrate risk reporting and remediation efforts
  • Flexible scheduling options
Customer Survey

Customer Survey

  • Compliance Survey
  • Understand current landscape


  • GAP Analysis and Risk Level
Right Guidance

Right Guidance

  • Remediation Steps
  • Know where to find more

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Customer Data Protection: Risk Assessment Program (RAP) handles your data with extreme care. We do not sell your contact data or other information to third parties because we follow HIPAA, PCI and NIST Cybersecurity guidelines. We have a very stringent Data Privacy Policy and Procedures. We do not market or use your information for any market research or analysis. So, what do we do with your data? We use your data to enhance the security of the system as a whole to benefit all the users of the system, to whitelist or blacklist IPs or DNS or spam functionality, for sharing functionality and for adding to block list functionality.